Why Does Metal Gear Rising Keep Getting More Popular?

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COMBO MAD – Time of Devil Hunters by Donguri990: https://youtu.be/FTRbMX-31bs
The history of the most popular memes (2004-2019) by Abacaba: https://youtu.be/k6vHHxWWT0Y
The Truth Behind RISING (Revengeance Documentary): https://youtu.be/gV1BMUg4NsA
Rules of Nature (Book) by Harper Jay MacIntyre: https://www.google.com/books/edition/Rules_of_Nature/0MKkDAAAQBAJ?hl=en

Visual Media Used: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Dead Space 2, Bayonetta, The Wonderful 101, Breath of the Wild, Call of Duty 4, Elden Ring, Devil May Cry 4, Doom Eternal, INSIDE, Kena Bridge of Spirits, Hades, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, OlliOlli 2, Sants Row: Gat Out of Hell, SteamWorld Heist, Resident Evil 4

Music Used (Chronologically): A Great Spirit Lies in Wait (Okami), It Has to Be This Way (MGR), Susano’s Training (Okami), Collective Consciousness (MGR), Rising Up (Streets of Rage 4), Pleasure of Tension (Snatcher), Rising Up (Streets of Rage 4), The Gates of Hell (Bayonetta), N.M.H. (No More Heroes), Rules of Nature (MGR), Oklahoma (Oklahoma! karaoke), Theme of Love (Super Smash Brothers Brawl), Collective Consciousness (MGR), Beautiful Mirage, The Vision Fades (Metal Gear Solid 5), Metal Gear Saga (Metal Gear Solid 4), Rules of Nature (MGR), It Has to Be This Way (MGR)

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  1. @JacobGeller

    If you're disappointed I didn't cover a specific topic, there's a very good chance Harper and I discussed it in the Nebula-exclusive companion video. Get 50 more minutes of Metal Gear Rising talk, right here! https://nebula.app/videos/jacob-geller-revengeance-never-ends-a-conversation-with-a-metal-gear-scholar/

  2. @genericyoutubeusername6462

    its like you keep digging your own grave
    you rarely talk about how a game plays?
    you never got too much into DMC because it "Takes too much conscious thought" ?

    Are you trying to troll or something?
    do you play games or just… i don't even know

  3. @idkfvv

    funny political commentary game ha ha

  4. @giovannidinunno4855

    Raiden keeps on being the main character of games we understand 10 yrs later

  5. @cosmictoaster5048

    The memes……………………….

  6. @benjaminaltube8731

    its the memes jacob, they replicate themselves into eternity. The dna of the soul

  7. @Hudoi-1

    I watched this video a while back and liked it. Now I revisit it and I don't really do anymore.
    The game itself is cringe at times, which is an entirely personal opinion I'm not going to convince anyone who likes the game of. Also, it's not that deep, again, for me personally. The memes are incredibly fun, but whatever.
    Speaking of the video itself, it left a bitter taste of a conspiracy theory in my mouth. I very much doubt many politicians are anarchists of the type mentioned in this video. I don't really have any reason to doubt besides it being my worldview that conspiracies and madmen running in power are wildly unlikely. Like, it's not that bad. It's never that bad. Most things considered problems in society are simply not. Terrorism? Cars kill more people. Elections? Most presidents were okay, including the bad ones. It's really never been that bad, so the doomsday, emotional tone of the video feels pretty weird to me.

  8. @nielsvanhemert7972

    "Memes are the DNA of the soul." That hypes up memes as important. But I'm suddenly struck by the inverse.

    Because it also sort of means that DNA strands are the memes of the body, right? Nature itself is just kind of a shitty half-funny pool of information. It does not inspire reverence.

  9. @A_Rookie


  10. @Kokoasz

    15:21 he’s fought a bisexual vampire. That part is important… it’s actually not, but isn’t it though?

  11. @Pensnmusic

    It's been over a year since I first saw this video. The impact it has had on my life in immeasurable. At any moment, you could hear me shout "RULES OF NATUREEEE" while doing the most banal things.

    Or, perhaps, I may respond to your question with "nanobots, son"

    Sometimes, I just let the phrase "neo-meme juggernaut" roll off my tongue just because it feels good.

  12. @Virgins_Klutch

    MGR definitely needs a DMC styled weapon switching mod

  13. @arcticpossi_schw1siantuntija42

    Ok let's go rip out the heart of what Armstrong represents, we don't wanna live in his hobbesian nightmare of a world, right

    MGRR is a musical of all time


  14. @dwylie83

    Ive always said metal gear rising is like dark souls 1 a flawed masterpiece. i find myself playing thru both games at least once a year, and i cant say that for any other game

  15. @chrisS19019

    Ripping that man’s heart out is so cathartic it almost made me lose my breath.

  16. @Icouldntcomeupwithaname1212

    MEMES dna of the soul

  17. @TheLithp

    This game somehow only became more relevant to modern society.

  18. @DanaStone-lo9nj

    Damn it, Mr. Geller, how the fuck do I stop this insatiable crush on you?!?!

  19. @donutholebandit6212

    Absolutely bangin thumbnail, ive gotta say

  20. @user-df5nb8zy7e

    I fully agree that subtext-reliant authors are cowards.
    It's been proven time and time again that subtext will be missed by people lacking the relevant prior knowledge (or skills, or political affiliation).
    If you want them to hear your point, hit them with it head on. Preferably, combined with enough entertainment to keep even the disagreeing audience going. Increasing the volume along the way.
    Reliance on subtext goes directly against the purpose of satire – bringing an existing issue to people's attention. If you want it to be heard, there's no reason to hide it.

  21. @calebdouglas2512

    Now there's a pretty meme, e x q u i s i t e

  22. @lifeishard9637

    we should replace all copy's of the bible with meatal gear rising soundtrack

  23. @elektra81516

    So happy that this album came with a great game to go with it

  24. @samscorch8252

    "Holy crap Lois this reminds me of the time I saw the senator of colorado fight a ninja cyborg in Pakistan!"

  25. @JulianDanzerHAL9001

    this game was more cyberpunk than cyberpunk

  26. @nobody7204

    You could say it's… Rising in popularity

  27. @griffindempster4983

    yea i just played this and its my fav game of all time i am dumbfounded

  28. @Killer-hy9ly

    Is there any possibility of theme making a remaster? cuz right now, the game is only on ps3, 360, and pc. Imagine this on ps5

  29. @knifebillion

    You could say it’s “rising” in popularity…. ba dum tss

  30. @gashbell711

    As i wrap up my run and go for the platinum trophy, i simply cannot wait to hear what your thoughts are on Death Stranding

  31. @JetFireHawk

    metal gear rising is probably my favourite game of all time or maybe mgs3

  32. @thematt6705

    Canonically, I think the stuff in their spine is nanomachine fluid

  33. @thematt6705

    1:22 Metal Gear Rising is a playable definition of the word "hyperbole"

  34. @dynomar11

    Devil May-Who from Whoville. Literally all I can think about every time he pronounces devil May cry like that

  35. @Lummox874

    Senator Armstrong’s USA is that of Anarchy. Where everything one could ask for is met by being told to find it yourself, where anyone can do anything. That is why we can’t switch items while ninja running or see your cut up art pieces of bodys lay for more than a few seconds. Too little freedom is communist, too much is anarchy, that is senator Armstrong’s reasoning.

  36. @itshel2677

    The best thing about the execution of this game is that it's so over the top and so edgy and yet never feels "cringy" because of its sincerity. Metal Gear Rising is the most confident game I have ever seen. It is everything the DMC reboot tried so hard to be but never came close to.
    The weapon menu is probably the biggest down side for me since it takes so much of the games flow. Stealth sections are fine for me get 1 or 2 pick before starting the fight feels kinda cool actually.
    what Im trying so say is PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU HAVEN'T. Like holy shit its an experience.

  37. @AcaciaEocene

    Watching this video made me go and buy Revengeance. I've now come back after finishing Revengeance to watch the video again.

  38. @loganhayse8771

    Having just beat this yesterday for the first time, this game is one of the biggest spectacles in gaming I've played since Asura's Wrath and Bayonetta. Both of those games put me in the driver's seat, put a brick down onto the accelerator, and didn't let up til the end. Now having watched your video, I'm so glad that I waited to watch this after I finished the game and love your introspections. Especially since when I play I tend to miss out on some of the simple nuance as my brain goes to late 80's early 90's video game mode where I see bad guy I kill bad guy and that's about it. This game needs a remaster on current consoles at some point so people can experience the absolute madness of this gem.

  39. @VGMvega

    Yes, every rightist is a beast who's ultimate goal is to unleash the freest of the primal chaos.
    Yes, every leftist is a demon who's ultimate goal is to control all and establish a dictatorship.
    Let's not assume most people are good hearted and believe that their way of thinking would bring prosperity and peace.

  40. @anotherkenlon

    . . . I had never realized that MGR:R is a musical. What the hell.

  41. @ethanraiden

    can you do a video essay on how you say devil may cry

  42. @MrDykstra2108

    First boss: giant mech that can kill millions
    Final boss: I will make America great again